Conflict Diamond

Conflict Diamond, there's nothing beautiful about a diamond being used as an object of obsession that brings about cruelty and mayhem to people. However, that's what lies behind this dreadful event. Some people call it 'Blood Diamond'.

I saw the movie, 'Blood Diamond', with Dijimon Housou and Leonardo DiCaprio. The movie is about the civil wars in Africa, where young boys were recruited by rebels, who taught them to fight against their own families if the men and other young boys in their tribe did not co-operate in digging for diamonds to be sold in exchange for weapons.

Ghost Town in Namibia

Photo: Ghost Town in Namibia, restricted Diamond area

These diamonds were then shipped to Europe for sale and processed into diamond jewelry. Alot of people were killed, forced to move from their homes and placed in concentration camps.

In the movie, 'Blood Diamond', only one man, who was separated from his family, and his family escaped the concentration camps and the civil war alive. They were the characters, played by Dijimon Housou and his family members, played by other fine actors.

The family found each other again in London, England, where the father testified against a well known diamond broker and his colleagues for their participation in the 'Blood Diamond' market to the Higher Court in London.

Even though, I saw a glimpse of the conflict diamond from this movie. It is this kind of civil war that goes on now in Africa which is causing pain and permanent scars to people around the world.

These civil wars have been fought in Africa over diamonds since the beginning of the 20th century, millions of lives have been lost as a result of these wars over a precious gemstone. The movie depicts the 'Blood Diamond' conflict in Sierra Leone, West Africa which ended in 2002.

I hope that one-day the people in Africa and other nations will find peaceful resolutions to these Conflict Diamond wars that are still being fought in other parts of Africa. So, that the diamond can be seen to all people in the world as the beautiful diamond it truly is and not as a conflict in their lives.

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