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Diamond Blog, it has information about diamonds from the center of the Earth to shopping tips.

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Would you like to share your knowledge about diamond? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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Hello and welcome to Diamond Info Website Site Search.

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Watches--the new timepiece collections started back in the early 1900s as wristwatches, which replaced fob or pocket watches as the preferred timepieces for fashionable gentlemen.

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Stock Market

The Stock Market is the place where everything, including diamonds are traded.

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Polishing Diamonds

Polishing Diamonds is when the polisher fixes the cut gemstone into a metallic holder called a dop.

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News Update

News Update about the diamond industry are as follows:

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New Diamonds

New Diamonds are discovered in South Africa regularly, however, a large and high-quality diamond have not been found in 100 years.

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Making Antique Jewelry

Making Antique Jewelry is very easy and quick to do.

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Herkimer Quartz

Herkimer Quartz is a crystal which is very similar to diamonds.

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eBook Review

This ebook review is entitled, The Gems Report: How To Become an International Gemstones Dealer, A Special Report by International Gems Broker: Anthony J. Namata, 1997-2007.

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