Nexus is the lab where man made diamonds are produced. It is commonly known as the Diamond Nexus Laboratory. The gemstones created at the lab are simulants that look so much like a real diamond, until, it is hard to tell one from another. Especially, the Moissanite, a silicon carbide used as imitation gems in the fashion and science industries.

For hundreds of years, humans have looked for and worked with different materials of the earth such as, zirconium compound, to discover a way to create a gem very much like the real natural gem, for the purpose of having an abundance of gems to sell at affordable prices.

This way, the sellers did not have to worry about the precious gemstone industry corruption such as, the manipulation and fixing of gemstone prices, abusive labor practices, large corporations, foreign cartel with unsavory histories and the list goes on. This lab developed an annealing agent, a combination of elements which were applied to the Skull Crucible (a Russian perfected technique, 1970) procedure, with additional finishing processes to form an exponentially harder and less porous gemstone capable of cutting glass and retaining its sparkle forever.

Colored Fantasy CZ

Photo of Colored Fantasy Cubic Zirconia

Their process worked so well, that the testing of the advanced gem imitations physical and optical properties revealed almost perfectly identical qualities of real gems.

The combined elements used, produced the lab's gemstone imitations the most advanced gemstones in the world. These were the only advanced gems ever to be graded by the internationally recognized grading institution, American International Gemologists (AIG).

Element Symbols Z

Photo of The Element Z

The elements and atomic weight contained in the imitations are:

- carbon (C)(6) - oxygen (O)(8) - sulfur (S)(16) - Iron (Fe)(26) - cobalt (Co)(27) - nickel (Ni)(28) - yttrium (Y)(39) -zirconium (ZR)(40) - hafnium (HF)(72). The quality and value of the imitations are a high grade because of the finest cutting, polishing and craftsmanship available.

The perfect 14-18k gold or platinum and thorough quality inspection of each and every gemstone piece makes this lab's jewelry the unsurpassed leader of gem imitation excellence.

Photo of A CZ Wedding Ring on A Sunflower

Sunflower CZ

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