African Diamonds

African Diamonds are the unique gemstones that are mined in different parts of Africa. Namibia is one such country where diamonds are mined in a factory for the purpose of helping its impoverished people.

Clean diamond trading goes on in Namibia with a validation and certification that ensures these gemstones that are polished and cut in this factory are not involved in conflict warfare. The factory in Namibia may one day create thousands of jobs and empower their people.

Botswana has the natural beauty of diamonds from the heart of Africa. This country produces 30% of the most valuable diamonds in the world. This gemstone trading accounts for a third of their nation's GDP with 70% in export revenue. The government sells these exceptional gemstones thru a third party, the DTC (Diamond Trading Company), a distribution arm of DeBeers Group of Companies.

DTC is in compliance with DeBeers Best Practice Principles, when selling gems from the country's four mines. DeBeers principles are stringent with business, social and environmental responsibilities which are maintained every step of the way from mining to polishing and cutting of the gemstones that are later displayed in the merchandisers' windows.

In England, the West African Diamonds plc ('WAD'), is a focused explorer with operations in Sierra Leone and Guinea. The West African assets of AIM this company was formed and now has additional licenses in Guinea.

In its portfolio, WAD has a development, advanced and early exploration assets across West Africa, which, produces the highest valued diamonds in the world. The Bomboko Project, the latest exploration of WAD's is expected to come on stream in March 2009, with production starting in April 2009.

Diamond in the Rough

A Diamond in the Rough

In South Africa, the diamonds that come from the Kimberely mines are the richest and most productive in the world. The finding of these diamonds dates back in 1866, when a 15 year-old boy, on a farm near Hopetown. He found a small white pebble along the riverbank of the Orange River.

This pebble was passed on to a neighboring farmer, who then, sent it to an expert for identification. The expert found that this white pebble was a 21.25 carat diamond, later dubbed the "Eureka."

Since then, many diamonds have been mined in South Africa, polished, cut, and traded to diamond merchants who display these beautiful diamonds in their stores.

Today, you'll find these gemstones in these merchants stores as wedding bands, rings, necklaces and other fine jewels. South Africa diamonds are the world's most celebrated gems since 1872.

Diamond Mine in Cullinan

Diamond Mine in Cullinan

African Diamonds are traded on the stock exchanges with the current share price of $20.00. The price went down 0.25 cents as of Friday, April 10, 2009. The symbol is LSE:AFD.L on the UK international stock exchange.

You can find the diamonds trading on Yahoo's website under finance. You'll also find the latest news update on African Diamonds and on the economic conditions of the diamond produced African countries.

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